Real time table configurator

A 3D table configurator enables your potential customers to fully design and visualize your product. Generating a quote or making an online purchase has never been easier.

Let our configurator optimize your organization.

Save time creating offers

A 3D configurator enhances your quote generation by reducing the needed time and effort significantly. No more wasted hours of uncertain designing.

Create quotes instantly and directly send them to your potential client. The platform lets customers make online purchases in a heartbeat, without the need for human intervention. Optimizing your whole buying process has never been easier.

Grow fast with our scalable tool

The shortage of technical draftsmen can seriously slow down your sales growth. A 3D configurator makes this problem non-existent, allowing your business to expand exponentially.

The configurator allows your draftsmen to really prioritize their time for high-value projects and innovative product development. Fully realizing the potential your team already has and taking your business to new highs.


Our 3D configurators are fully integrated into the web, offering you and your clients an accessible experience. No need to install additional plugins or programs to use the configurator. All you need is your internet browser to explore every product your company has to offer.

Use for production

The information needed for production is instantly relayed after the customer receives a quote. Streamlining and automating this process saves time and also offers a better customer experience. The customers’ waiting time is reduced and your commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction is highlighted.

Visualise via augumented reality.

This feature allows customers to realistically display the product they’ve just created in their own environment using Augmented Reality.

Easily generate interesting leads and give customers a taste of their potential purchase immediatly. All they have to do is enter their email address, click the link and aim their phone camera where they want to see the product visualized. This can be done anywhere and anytime. The feature also allows you to get interesting insights, know exactly which design options are the most popular and which trends to keep an eye out for.

How it works.

Online configuration

Generate a quote

Finish up the purchase

Connect with production

Step 1: Online configuration

Both your customers and salesteam can create unique tables in a matter of minutes. The configurator guides them through the process, step by step.

  • Shape and dimensions: Start by choosing the shape and dimensions of the table.
  • Material selection and finish: Next, choose the desired material for the tabletop and the finish.
  • Table leg and chairs: Further personalize the table by choosing a table leg and making a selection from a range of chairs.
  • Price calculation: The price is immediately adjusted with each modification.

Step 2: Generate a quote

When the customer is happy with the table they designed, they can leave their personal information and generate a detailed quote. The quote is emailed to them and includes every design choice, the price and a unique code linked to their unique configuration.

  • Attractive design: An attractively designed PDF quote is automatically generated, complete with all technical specifications and images of the unique configuration.
  • Automatic email dispatch: The quote is automatically sent to the customer’s email address, ensuring they receive all details quickly and efficiently.
  • Easy follow-up: Through our administrative dashboard, you can easily manage all quotes. If desired, a follow-up email can be sent automatically.

Step 3: Finish up the purchase

You’re able to offer two options to your customers. Finish up the purchase online, just like a regular webshop experience. Which provides you with a full payment before you’re producing the product.

  • Order generation: As soon as a potential customer decides to order, an order form is automatically generated. The customer can easily confirm this form, making the order official.
  • Direct purchase via the webshop: Customers have the option to order a table directly from the configurator. After completing their design, they can proceed to purchase immediately.
  • Various payment options: We support all common payment methods to ensure that the checkout process is smooth and easy.

Step 4: Connect with production

The table configurator can fully be integrated with production software, ERP and CRM systems. When an order is placed, the configurator automatically generates files and imports them into the production software.

  • Integration with production software: The configurator integrates with production software to automatically generate and import files for production as soon as an order is placed.
  • Link with ERP and CRM: Efficient integration with ERP and CRM systems ensures a smooth data flow between sales, pricing, customer service, and production.
  • Integration with CAD: Supports direct integration with CAD systems, allowing designs to be quickly moved into production.

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